How to assign a POT in the radio to a servo output

My flight controller has 8 motor outputs. 4 of which are used by the QUAD motors and the other 4 motor outputs are not used. Is it possible to connect a servo and have that servo controlled by one of the potentiometers or sliders from the radio? If yes, can somebody share how to accomplish this? Might be a simple task but I’m not able to do it. Thanks for your help.

It’s a very simple task. 1st determine what outputs are NOT on the same Timer groups as the motor outputs and choose one. Let’s say it’s M5. Configure a mix on your radio for whatever RC chan you want to use. Let’s say it’s Chan 8. Then set SERVO5_FUNCTION to RCIN8 (58). Perform a Radio Calibration in Mission Planner turning the Pot thru it’s range before using it.

From the Hwedef file for that board you can use any one of 5-8 outputs.

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Thanks. That was easy.

Sorry if this is a noob question but why not same timer group ?

That’s a good question and highlights that my reply was incomplete. I should have said “… NOT on the same timer groups as Dshot configured groups”. So :+1: for asking!

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