How to Arm Sky Viper Gps In Auto Mode

Need some help here, I created a flight plan via mission planner, uploaded to the drone, but having issues arming while in auto mode. I have the flight mode set to auto, but cannot fire the motors. The only success I’ve had is starting in gps mode, hovering, then switching to auto.

Any help is much appreciated,


Doug, you need to establish an action switch to switch to auto from another mode, mode auto is not armable.
Once that’s done you arm, say in GPS or alt hold mode, and then switch to auto.

Ok thanks, I’ve been able to get it to work as you described. I thought there might be a way to start in auto mode. Thank you for the info.

Hey @OlivierB,
In Mission Planner, I have the ability to set my first waypoint as “Takeoff”. And indeed somewhere in the Docs (but i cannot find it) it mentioned that if you have “takeoff” as the first command, but the craft is already airborn when you engage Auto, it’ll skip that command and go to the next.
Is there some way to get the SV to launch automatically?

Is this the procedure to follow?
Then switch to Auto, after the props are turning?

Skyviper will not ARM in AUTO mode but if you have a switch set for auto, you can ARM in GPS or other acceptable mode and then switch to AUTO while the Skyviper is on the pad and it will takeoff from the pad in AUTO mode. I start all missions with a TAKEOFF command but that may not be required. If the first command is a WAYPOINT, it may just proceed to the waypoint. I don’t know what would happen if the first comand does not set an altitude, such as LOITER or Circle. If you try one of those, please report the results.