How to adjust airspeed /plane model in Mission planner simulation

Hi, new to Ardupilot and Missionplanner.
Built a 1 m span RC plane with Mateksys components: F405 FC, GPS, Airspeed sensor. Try to simulate this plane in mission planner. I can not adjust the plane model running in the simulation at all. I tried to adjust the parameters (ARSPD_FBW_MAX), and (WP_LOITER_RAD), in full parameter and then write it to the connected SITL, - it is writing but no change. Also tried to load the full plane parameter set in the “extra command line” - “param load C:\ArduPilot\ —\XXXXX.param” (I saved the full parameter from the real FC), but that does not do anything. I only been able to run simulation with the default model, but that is way to fast 22-25 m/s, very large turning radius, not even close to the actual plane.
I assume I am doing something completely wrong…

SITL (which is used by Mission Planner) simulates a 2Kg mass skywalker-like plane. It’s aerodynamic properties are hardcoded in the code.
If you need something else, you have to setup an external simulation environment with plane characteristics that match your vehicle (Check the docs, there are a number of available simulators and models Simulation — Dev documentation)