How to add another serial port

I have a Omnibus F4 Pro V3 flight controller and I used all three serial port available:
UART3 for magnetometer (i2c)
UART1 for frsky telemetry

Now I need another serial to connect other stuff.
Is it possible to define a “software serial” port using some pin like ch5 and ch6 for example?

You could move GPS to CAN bus using a Matek L431 AP_Periph board.

Omnibus f4 doesnt have CANBUS, what else are you trying to connect using serial?

Perhaps a general solution would be support in Ardupilot for NXP I2C to UART chips (SC16IS750

Hi @arlitra

Did you considered using BRD_ALT_CONFIG?
Set BRD_ALT_CONFIG = 3 should allow to use UART4 as wel.
More details can be found found here.

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I want to connect a ESP8266 as described here:

Thanks @VRquaeler ! I hadn’t considered using that option, it seems the right way.

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