How to add a new DO Command?

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if there is a way to add a new DO_MISSION for a specific purpose from Mission Planner interface?
I am interested in creating an new DO_MISSION_CMD that will allow me to control pesticide spray of a crop-duster.

Thank you very much


So You will need to make new command in Mavlink protocol.
Take a look at the wiki:

So You will have new mavlink definitions.
Than You will need to rebuild Mission Planner with Your new Mavlink files.
And update Ardupilot code, so UAV can react to Your new command.


Imagine that I have made some numbers in my computer and I am interested to send them to the pixhawkt (through mission planner) which is supposed to share those numbers with some other devices on the plane

How can I do it?
how can I ask mission planner to read those numbers
How can I ask it to send it to the pixhawk for me
thank you