How to access PWM output values from LUA script without using up the outputs?

I want to use script to make more complex rudder surface air mixing effect.

Suppose the value to be output is (output = lift + aileron + direction - 2000)

Then I can calculate the default PWM output channels 1, 2 and 4.

But if so, I will waste these three channels.

So is it possible to obtain the data of lift, aileron, direction and throttle without wasting the original output channel?

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did you manage to do this ?

It has not been done, but now it supports 32 PWM outputs. Usually our flight control board does not have 32 PWM interfaces, so just find a few PWMs without output ports to output.

You can use get_output_scaled to get the scaled output for functions that are not assigned to pins. (mostly, some places check and don’t bother to calculate if there is no pin assigned)

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