How supply a Cube Orange with an ESC?

I want to supply a Cube Orange with a Foxeer Reaptor F4 Mini. However, I’ve read about using an ESC as a power supply, and it seems I need to confirm two crucial things. I’m unsure about:

  1. Whether my FC (Flight Controller) can be powered by an ESC. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any information regarding this yet.
  2. The type of voltage regulator employed in the ESC (Linear or Switching).

Are there any other aspects I should take into consideration?

Even if that ESC had a BEC, which it doesn’t, you should use a Power Module with a Cube Orange.

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I want to have a redundant power supply for the FC. Is it possible to achieve this if I have an ESC with a built-in BEC?

Sure. Look at the wiring illustration here for how to do that. You want 5.3V, which is what the Power Module supplies, going to the Power Inputs. Most ESC BEC’s are 5V which really is a bit low as this is dropped by a diode on the power input. Hence the 5.3V.
Cube Orange Overview

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