How much moving Autopilot from COG effect

I am design an autopilot system for plane and I can’t put the system in the cg for good acceleration sensing .
I want to know how much does it effect if I put the system in the nose of the vehicle (1.5m away from cg) (or it doesn’t have a huge effect ).

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How big is your plane?
What is the expected AUW?
What Flight Controller are you using?
What is the purpose of the build?

Answers to these question might bring more insights.
Slight shift from the COG doesn’t affect the performance.

Shubham Thakur

Makes no difference so long as you set the offset params,

(provided your not planning on rotating fast enough to saturate the accelerometers with centripetal force)

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Thanks for replay,
If I am using APM v3.2.2 does it have an effect?