How many ways to reduce the EMF and 3 phace AC nad DC EMF

Dear every one
multirotor is getting dc power supply from the battery and ESC produces 3-phase Ac to the motor so here is how to reduce the dc emf and ac emf by using the shield. copper shield and aluminum shield .

Typically not needed. Is there a problem you are trying to solve?

Read through this, a lot of the issues are grounding problems, some is inductance.
Where possible use:

  • longer wires between the ESC and Motor
  • shorter power wires (twisted) between the ESC and the power distribution
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actually made a small drone. so mag was placed externally so I reduced a little bit emf. my question is which shield is good for reducing the ac emf and dc emf . for dc emf am using a copper shield for reducing for dc emf which one is good like copper or aluminum?