How many GPS's?

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I am thinking of adding another GPS, a 2nd GPS.

Is anyone running more than one GPS in their ArduBoat project? Did anyone notice a increase in accuracy when they added a 2nd GPS.


You won’t get any better accuracy with a 2nd GPS. In the code we don’t fuse the two GPS’s together for a better accuracy because it kinda doesn’t work that way for lots of complex technical reasons. A 2nd GPS is used for redundancy in case you have an issue with the first. If you want better accuracy you should fit a better GPS - something with a nice large ground plane. These are apparently good but I have no first hand experience.

Thanks, Grant.

I do not have dual GPSs on any of my boats, but I have used dual GPSs on three of my Rovers and they have worked quite well.
Using two GPSs adds a level of redundancy in that when one GPS is glitching the other GPS usually is not. I worked closely with Andrew Tridgell to setup the two GPS configuration for the Rovers and have been very happy with the results.

Thanks GMorph, for the explanation and the link.
Thanks, as always TCIII.

I’ll add it and have a play.

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If you want more accuracy from a GPS you must work with Hi precise GPS in differential mode. In this case you leave one GPS inshore over a Known point ans this device generates corrections that can be transmitted via radio for a GPS in the boat. The GPS in the boat using those corrections can get accuracy of a centimeter level. This is quite complicated and expensive.
There is another way that is to use differential corrections services. In USA there is WAAS that can give you 1 meter accuracy and Hemisphere has their own service that can give you up to 10 cm accuracy but you must pay to use it. The fee is not expensive and it does not require any base station. Much more practical,
Like mentioned here before, using two GPS in the boat will not increase your accuracy but will give you redundancy.