How long does it take to get home location?

When you start up the quad with mini 3.1 how long does it need to sit to set the home location.
I ask because I had a bad crash and when I looked at the KMZ file it showed my drone trying to return to my house a mile away, they say this is the fault of stupid noobs who take off to quick, but nobody ever said how long to wait.

I would wait at least 5 minutes before you fly if you don’t have telemetry which will tell you when you have your lock. You might also look at your GPS LEDs if visible.

I think you will find plenty of people have spoken about waiting over the years. Just leaping into the air is a noob mistake that you won’t make again!! :wink:

The home position is set when the GPS has a good fix after arming. If you takeoff before that you risk the home position being set in mid air. It should not be from your house a mile away.

Do you have a log file we can look at?


Yes I do but there doesn’t seam to be an attachment button on here.
Thanks for the reply.

Looks like you will have to use google drive or one drive and share a link here. Also since you have APM flight controller logging is going to be set to low to get any real information about the flight. Need logging set higher.

You may want to do some test flights with logging turned up and see if you can recreate the issue maybe not so far from home though.


My log was good enough to show a GPS failsafe with Nsat around 6. I checked all my logs the worst flight I had 3 sats one I had 12. I do I make it better?

Sorry how do I make it better


A clear view of the sky is required. Remember that Satellites are not directly over head as this would be undesirable, and they may be located on the horizon. The more open your location the better.


Some of the smaller GPS units I have tested because they have smaller antennas are pretty deaf. GPS don’t like being right on top of speed controllers and power wiring either. Space weather can be a problem as well

Mine is right in the center of my 550 drone far away from everything, but the APM and the receiver thats like an inch below it.

Mine is mounted next to my Pixhawk flight controller and it takes about 2 - 3 minutes to get a GPS lock. If I’m next to my house it takes 5 - 10 and then I don’t trust it as it has a tendency to fly off.