How important is Vibration dampening


I am sort of a newbie to the APM system
I have build a simple Quad and now an Octo

Being a former (model) helicopter pilot, I can take-off and land / fly with both my copters, but flying is not yet very stable. I have to correct the copter even in Altitude Hold or Loiter sometimes
Specially when switching back from Loiter to Stabilize, the Quad seems to want to drift (hard) to the front left.

I have dampened the pitch (Lower your gain in Stabilize Control P)
and Rate Roll P setting.

Only when landing, disarming and disconnect / reconnect battery, stable hovering is possible (sticks centered, copter hovers nearly without correction, but sometimes, suddenly drifts away or banks left / right.
Auto Tuning does not seem to be working at all (also too much wind normally)

I am wondering if the position and way the APM is attached to the frame might be the cause.
How much important is the vibration dampening?
Will, not having correct vibration dampening cause the described behavior or should I search in a different direction (like a motor not functioning properly)

Also I have done an electrical interference test. Although within the boundaries, it is ‘just’ within :slight_smile:
Apart from creating more distance between the APM and the power cables to the motors, what can I do to minimize that influence.

I have chosen the APM over other Flight Controllers because of it’s price / possibilities.
I am doubting if I have made the correct choice or that I should have better chosen:
ZeroUAV YS-X4 Autopilot GPS Flight Control System for Multi-Rotor (Navigator Version)

Please advise.
Kind regards OctoFly_Hilversum, The Netherlands

First, take a look at this (if you haven’t already).

I’ve logged the vibrations on my hexacopter (F550), and came well within the specifications of the instructions, My APM is mounted directly to the frame with merely double sided tape. My props are all balanced prior to flying this bird for the first time. It really does pay to have balanced props.

Second, read this. … ning-guide

Understanding that the guide was written for the V2.9.1 may seem irrelevant… think again. It will help get to know the PID’s and also get you on track with tuning them in good fashion.

One more thing, have you balanced your props? The first thing you should do is run a log for vibration, then go from there. If you have greater numbers after logging the vibrations, then that may be a possibility.

If anyone can chime in and correct me if I’m wrong anywhere that’d be great, as I too an a novice to the APM system. Trying my best to learn and understand the parameters, and if I can lend a hand then I can only hope it’s correct.

The APM is a more open source system, in which allows you to use it as you wish, I believe in the short time I’ve used it, and the much reading I’ve done regarding the unit prior to and after purchasing it, has truly been a great choice.

@Octofly_Hilversum, I wish you the best of luck and hope this gets problem of yours gets sorted out sooner so you can enjoy this great piece of equipment. :slight_smile: