How i can fly quad copter without transmitter and receiver using APM 2.8

Hi, Can anyone guide that how i can fly my quadcopter without having transmitter and reciver. I have f450 frame and Apm 2.8 flight controller. Thanks

I probably have an idea but I’m curious why you did it

because I don’t want to spend money on one flight. I have to test only one flight. That’s it

You will need some way to give commands to the FC. This can be done thru telemetry and a ground station. You will have to disable most failsafe actions and arming checks.

Unless you have significant experience with Ardupilot and flying copters I’d strongly recommend against going about it this way. A receiver can be less than $20 if you already have a transmitter.

If you don’t have a transmitter and have never flown with one you won’t be able to adequately pre-test your copter, and it is virtually guaranteed that first flight will not go the way you intended. And absolutely guaranteed that it will be unsafe.

Please note that in most countries this is not legal to flight a drone without having a RC.

Thanks for all of you guys for comments, Actually, I am a student and I am working on an autonomous project but before I implement my idea, I just want a test flight with APM and check my model performance. So that’s why I don’t want to buy any transmitter or receiver.

This is dangerous for you and the country. So I can’t help you. . . . . .

Here is the short answer: It can’t be done safely. Unless you use an RC transmitter for the initial flight testing you have no way to determine how the aircraft will perform, and in 99% of the time an aircraft built by a beginner will not fly successfully on the first try. Been there, done that.

I have dealt with literally hundreds of beginners whose first aircraft suffered the same fate, and I have gone so far as to create a separate forum on Radio Control Groups just for multirotor beginners:

Here is the bottom line: Your project, and in particular your flight testing program, is ill-conceived and unsafe.

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Is there anyway, I can use telemetry instead of Remote transmitter and receiver?


In safety and success there are no short cuts…

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate that.

why not run it in a simulator? couple versions avail out there. will run what ever config you set up your pre-programmed route for

So you want to do a single flight and don’t want to spend the $150 new or even less for a used rx/tx combo.
Why do you think it will be your only flight anyway?
Maybe there will be more testing needed in the future.
You will be working on autonomous projects right.
These always start in manual control first, not matter how you look at it. It is the first baby step.
Besides wouldn’t it be a good idea to get a feel of what your flying, especially if you’ve never done this before.
Hands on experience is key. You will always learn something new. Always!
If you really want to go into this field, you need to get your hands dirty. The more you explorer the better. You’re on the right track dabbling in APM.

Things are a bit easier now.
But the moto has always been.
"Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat"
Emphasis on the REPEAT!

Hey, you know what…do it!
YES it can be done…see what happens…go for it!
In the off chance that you will be successful on your very first flight. Take safety and legality out of the equation, its overrated.

Afterall the Russians beat the US in the the initial stages of the space race…cutting corners.

So make sure you disable all the right fail-safes and checks.
Study the manual of course, so you know what they are.

Hope that the default PIDs will work 100% on the very first try.
Hope that your Mag and GPS are free of interference.
But of course you can’t check the mag levels without throttle up.

And lastly hope that when you put it in Guidance mode, your little bird won’t do a fly away because you forgot some settings or not calibrated the mag.

Oh and those sneaky Russians…one day they lost their entire senior crew of engineers and the head of their program when their rocket blew up on the launch pad.
Just because someone didn’t want to defuel the rocket before fixing an electrical problem.
But hey they had a good run.

That’s just a reality check of just some of the things you may face when you go fully autonomous, with APM or otherwise.

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