How height can hexacopter drone fly by using hobbywing x6 rotor

How much height hexa drone can fly by using hobbywing x6 motor type, with propeller 2388,.
in mountain area. wiht pixhawk orange cube, without payload.

There’s a lot of variables to account for.

Battery voltage,
Air temperature and density,
overall weight,

Use: to figure it out. Might cost you a couple of euro, but it’s far cheaper than buying parts you don’t need or won’t work.

Let’s assume a Hexa with T-Motor U8-150’s on 12S with those props at a take-off weight of 18kg (50% hover throttle). At 3500m it would be at 62% hover throttle all else being equal. You wouldn’t want a hover throttle any higher than that.

This is just one example you can’t scale it. As @Allister says buy a eCalc license (where this data came from)

there is no option for hobbywing x6 motor

Hi, yes i was looking for T motor but unfortunately not available in my country. so there is one option hobbywing x6 which motor is used for agriculture drone.
i am planning to build my drone delivery purpose and i want my drone to be than 2000m above the ground.
will it be possible to get that much higher altitude with the motor and i am planning use skydroid t12 remote controller

I don’t know. Use eCalc and choose a motor that’s close in size and kv and figure it out for yourself based on the components you will use and the take-off weight.

It’s kind of like asking “how far will a car go on a tank of gas”.