How fast can I charge 4S 10000mAh 10C Battery and what is the recommended charger

Hello everybody!

It takes forever to charge 4S 10000 mAh 10C Lipo Battery at 3A (the charger supplied by 3DR).
I believe it can be safely charged at 5C which is 50A. However, I am OK to go with 30A.

Recommendations on the Charger + Power Supply would be highly appreciated,


Hello Vusal,

In general, you want to charge LiPo batteries at 1C, which in your case is 10A. Anything more and you risk reducing the life of your battery.
Naturally, if you are in the field and need to charge your battery quickly, fast charge programs on chargers allow you to do this, but know that it doesn’t do your battery good. 5C would be a good options for that case anyway.

Alas, in your case, you would need an 160W charger for 1C charging (4S4.2V/S10A), which wouldn’t come cheap.

And theoretically I can charge the battery in an hour?

Thanks for posting.


Yes, charging LiPo batteries at 1C (and consequently for about 1 hour)
is generally considered safe and recommended.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t leave your batteries
neither full nor depleted for long periods of time. Putting them in
"storage" voltage, about 3.85V per cell, will prolong their life and
preserve their capacity.

Good to know this. Thanks a lot.
Please advise if this charger ( is capable of charging TWO 4S 10000 mAh 10C batteries in roughly one hour?

I plan to use this Power Supply ( Is it capable of supplying enough power to TWO chargers.
This way I can charge 4 batteries in an hour.

Your recommendations are highly appreciated.


If you want to charge two batteries from the same charger simultaneously, you absolutely need a dual-output charger, no other way around it. An example is this: (Hyperion is also a more quality brand).

The power supply you posted seems to be ok, as long as you don’t plan to exhaust the 1000W of the charging load. Generally it is a good practice to oversize your power supply, in regard to your load.

I would recommend providing enough supplied power (through 2 PSUs perhaps) to ensure that under no circumstances you will be able to exceed the power supply capabilities. It is all too easy in the future to forget that you can’t actually draw all the power capacity from your chargers because your bottleneck is your PSU.

Yep! I’ll go with this one! I’ll get TWO and TWO Power Supply units I’ve mentioned earlier.

As per your calculation 4S4.2V/S10A = 168W x 4 Batteries = 672W and even one Power Supply is capable of 1000W. So I will either keep the second PSU as a stand-by or use one on one.


Hello Vusal,

Would you mind saying which brand is the lipo? I wouldn’t go beyond 2C charging regularly even if it is stated 5C charging due to risk of shorten battery life. If the battery instructions don’t say anything about the charging speed, for safety reasons don’t go over 10A , or 1C.

I have a Turnigy reaktor 350W which I do recommend. It is capable of 350W - it can go at 14.5A charging at 4S voltage using a 12V power supply, however I could go above that if I had a power supply with a bigger voltage.

This is the type of battery I have:

I agree I won’t go higher than 1C=10A.

I have to have at least 4 batteries ready in 1-1.5hour, so I need to use dual charger.

Thanks for posting.