How easy is it to start an auto mode mission?

Hi there. Apologies, I’m completely new to Droidplanner. In fact, I’ve never used it. But I’m planning a build, and Droidplanner is part of it. Specifically, I’m considering cheaping out and getting a transmitter with no 3 position switch. Normally I use a 3 position switch to initiate auto mode. However, I realized that I always run Mission Planner to send waypoints and track telemetry. So why not use Mission planner to initiate auto mode as well. But then I thought, why not go one better and use Droidplanner? So how about it, is it easy to initiate auto mode? Thanks!

For safety I think it’s best to have radio with switch. Just in case you need to take over and your droidplanner isn’t working. Redundancy is always best scenario. I’ve had an issue where my radio (with 3-pos switch) wasn’t working correctly and I was able to use Mission Planner to safely return the quad to home. But had I not had the redundancy I would have crashed.

It’s best if you have the RC controller, specially when you don’y have the experience with the software. And with 9ch RC controllers at $50 (turnigy 9X) there is no point for not getting it.