How does your setup look when flying? (laptop/screen etc.)

I am getting one of these screens because FPV goggles are illegal in Australia and I really need to see where I am flying.

I plan on taking a light stand with me in my backpack so that I can have this screen eye height, but I also need something for my laptop. I don’t really want to take two light stands, but I might have to just to get the antenna nice and high.

What do you guys use when you take your laptops with you? I probably need something for the telemetry antenna also to get it high because with my standard antenna and the laptop on the ground mission planner loses connection in about 30m.

I am thinking maybe a tray like this that attaches to the light stand but I did notice the laptop getting very hot in direct sunlight so I probably need a shade for it.

I ordered this antenna for the laptop

This one is for the drone because I destroyed my previous one on the drone after the last crash.

FPV googles are able to be used legally in Australia but and it is a big BUT. The legwork and paper trail necessary make it unlikely for the letter of the law to be followed. It takes 8 to 28 days for approval and the assessment fees range from $AUD100 to $AUD190 per hour of assessment. So if you are very organised and know where and when you will be flying in more than 7 days or to be safe 28 days you can fly with googles. Bare in mind though that you will most likely need an adult with suitable qualifications for this activity to be with you. At least that’s how it works for RePL and ReOC holders.
To be more compact something along the lines of the HereLink goes a long way. If you like to have more control an interesting project is OpenHD and Forum

Thank you. I will have a look at those. I know of Herelink. That seems to be a very good option. Is the video digital or analogue? How good is the video of the Herelink?

just a usb servo controller and USB receiver.

So you have an ipad, tripod and some electronics. Do you use the ipad for mission planning? Do you have video on your drone?

its a windows tablet running mission planner. mission planner controls the antenna tracker and displays the video feed from the usb OTG video capture thats connected to a 5.8ghz video receiver. it gets mavlink
telemetry via bluetooth from the UHF radio system.

That is very cool. Is there a tutorial somewhere showing how to get video into mission planner?

just right click on the hud and select source.

Which usb video receiver are you using? Thank you for this info. Would you recommend the receiver you are using?

i made my own years ago but you can just get them off the shelf these days
Eachine ROTG01 Pro UVC OTG 5.8G 150CH Full Channel FPV Receiver W/Audio For Android Smartphone FPV Drone Accessories|Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress
Skydroid 5.8Ghz 150CH True Diversity UVC OTG Smartphone FPV Receiver for Android Tablet PC VR Headset FPV System RC Drone|Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress

Impressive that you built that. I will look at getting something like this in the near future.

I guess if you have this you also don’t need an on screen display because mission planner already has everything