How does the offline map feature work?

I checked the “offline map” check box in the settings of the new official v2.
I see the map on the main screen, but I click on “edit” to create a mission, I have a blank background without a map. When I close the edit mode I see !y waypoints on a map background. When I return in edit mode, map disappears.
Issue or something I miss?

Notice that when swtching to offline maps you need to have the tiles loaded onto your device. And by default the app with turn-off the access to the normal Google tiles. I didn’t had a way to download the tiles from google maps to do a prefetch. There is an open issue somewhere if you find a good/stable repository online of aerial imagery.

Or you can just copy the tiles that Mission Planner saves: … fline-Maps

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Great work Arthur :smiley: . What I do when I not have internet, I open the planner were i have, look’s for place that I’m going to fly, close the planner and go to fly, the map is there offline, ¿perhaps in cache?, this work in 1.2 v, I’m not try with this version yet.

@cala2: Yes that works but the app cannot assure that you will have that map, this is because the cache is storred by the google maps API and we don’t have access to that.

The solution I proposed is a little more laborious, but it’s guaranteed to work.

Thank’s Arthur