How does it work TRIM RC/SERVO Save?

Hello developers and hobby colleagues. Please explain how the function works:

TRIM RC/SERVO Save - Saves current RC input trim and SERVO output trim for pitch. roll, and yaw in Plane and for Steering in Rover.

Can I use TRIM RC/SERVO Save instead of the automatic SERVO_AUTO_TRIM function? I prefer to do the tune manually.

The manual is missing a complete description of the function TRIM RC/SERVO Save

Manual tune on the RC transmitter is usually not a good idea, it confuses the flight control loops.
Better to use the more tested, more often used, and more robust way: SERVO_AUTO_TRIM

Thanks for the reply!

I am an experienced pilot, my settings for direct flight of the aircraft in manual mode are performed with a mechanical adjustment of the position of the servo drives. Only after such a procedure does my plane receive control from the flight controller.

This method requires one flight in manual mode, it takes time, but Iā€™m in no hurry.

However, manual tune gives a better result than SERVO_AUTO_TRIM

It is obvious that an aircraft that flies directly on its own will be successfully controlled by a flight controller.

However I would like to know how the feature TRIM RC/SERVO Saveworks, when I know it I will come to a decision on the use

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