How does ArduPilot compare to Parrot Disco's "C.H.U.C.K."?

I’m the new owner of a Parrot Disco (got it on the Amazon $399 sale).
I also have a APM Pro + compatible compass which I want to throw in a Wing Wing Z-84.

Now, I love the features of the Parrot Disco, because it makes it simple for a beginner to get started, just rudder left/right and it goes into loiter mode, throttle up/down speeds up or slows down, but doesn’t cut the motor, increasing/decreasing altitude automatically controls the throttle.

Can Ardupilot do anything similar?

I don’t want it as automatic as the Disco, I have the Taranis X9D Plus so the left stick isn’t spring loaded.
But is there any way to automatically do a take off like the Disco? I often have limited space, and I’m not a great pilot, so being able to click a button and throw the plane, having it automatically climb 50-60m up and loiter makes things much easier. It would also be easier to help others if they want to test it, just flick a button and it’s back to loiter.

Same with avoiding flying inverted etc, so no matter how much they steer to the side, the plane will not over control.

Would love to see what’s possible with ArduPilot, which is why I purchased the somewhat outdated APM Pro. I’ve heard that the magnetometer isn’t necessary for planes, but IMHO it would help ArduPilot understand what the plane is doing at all times. The Wing Wing Z-84 + APM Pro will be my UAV test-platform, while Parrot Disco is for “flying”.

Yes, arduplane can do that. It is called Fly-By-Wire flight mode, more info here:

Automatic take off here:

But you will need to set everything up and tune it to your airframe.