How do you get back to DEFAULT Setting?


Trying to understand the some of the process. I have done some comparisons of params in a spreadsheet and come across some findings.

Am I correct in saying of the PARAMETERS in the firmwares only:

  1. I assume there are Default params in the firmware when installing into the APM for the first time?

  2. When upgrading a new firmware from an existing firmware, only the new param are added and the existing params, with there VALUES stay the same, and sometimes some of the existing params are deleted?

  3. Looking back on my notes to reload to DEFAULT:

    a) GOTO CLI

    b) erase

    c) reset

    d) “y”

    e) unplug to restart

    f) reinstall firmware

     Is this correct?

Any help will be appreciated,

Thanks, Brian

Never mine I found it!!