How do I set the aircraft type when not connected?

I have a Multi Rotor, Plane and Quad Plane. I have been unable to work out how to make Mission Planner create/save Missions unless I have the right aircraft connected. Everytime I open MP (latest stable, latest beta) it defaults to ArduPlane

For example, I want to plan a mission for the ArduCopter I have to have it powered on and connected else the PLAN is stuck as Plane; likewise for QuadPlane.

I saw a YouTube “secrets” video that has a drop down hidden by the CONNECT button on the top right, but I cannot find it on my install.

You could load Plane in the Simulator.

Thanks - that is a good idea.

This is the video i mention with the “Secret” dropdown - magically has a dropdown appear by connect.

YouTube videos don’t always age well. That version from April 2019 was 100’s of changes ago.

Add the following command line parameters
-joy whatever -type plane (or copter, rover, sub)

You will get an error message that joy cannot init, but just click OK.