How do I replay a tlog in tower?

If I fly my plane, tower is recording the flight and giving me voice prompts, and then plane crashes.

How do I get tower to replay/display the flie “conveniently” located in

I know how to do it on my computer, but if I only have my phone?
Specifically I’d obviously want the last GPS coordinates before contact was lost.


Anybody? how do you find a lost plane if you used andropilot to log the flight?
Thanks, Marc

In the last fw I hope is not working and it’s going to re-apperar in next one, but I don’t remember were I readed.
Check to always track your vehicle so you can see the last position.

Thanks cala2: I thought I had seen this before, but it’s gone from both tower and tower-beta :frowning:

That functionality is currently being reworked, and will be made available in the next release of Tower.

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