How do I log an enhancement request for NeoPixel Integration?

I don’t want to “open a can of worms” with a flood of enhancement requests, but I would like to request two small enhancements to the NeoPixel Integration:

  1. A parameter to select the number of NeoPixels connected to the output (this enhancement may be already implemented?).

  2. A parameter to select the colour sequence as either RGB or GRB or RGBW.

Could someone please advise me how I log an enhancement request?

There’s a PR to implement a parameter for number of LED’s here: which I think addresses half of your question.
Feature requests are managed via the Issues list in GitHub: which I think hits the other part.

Thanks @james_pattison - I have added a feature request to the issues list in GitHub for the second item, but couldn’t figure out how to label it as an Enhancement …

I’ve added the Enhancement tag.



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