How do I know the firmware version running on my PH2.1?


Ususally through the years I have used the Terminal to connect and get the running version in my APMs, an Pixhawks 1’s. But how do I do that on the Pixhawk 2.1? I only get “Could not connect to the port” or something like that. It works when connecting as usual (the right COM-port, baudrate and then clicks connect) but not with the terminal. Both with USB-cable. Its frustrating when these simple things dont work as it always had.


terminal support was ended some time ago i think, Just connect as usual and the firmware version will be sent to the messages screen in Mission planner.

If you want the firmware versions, when you connect with MP, on the flight data screen goto the messages tab. Firmware version is written there.

When you connect with mission planner it will be in the left top corner after the MP version.