How do I increase yaw rate?

in my understanding there are 4 parameters that affect yaw rate and
I am confused about what they do exactly.
Can anyone give me an explanation?
Is there a difference between stabilize and acro?

ACRO_YAW_P 6 1 10 Converts pilot yaw input into a desired rate of rotation in ACRO, Stabilize and SPORT modes. Higher values mean faster rate of rotation.
ATC_ACCEL_Y_MAX 27000 cdeg/s/s 0 720000:Disabled 9000:VerySlow 18000:Slow 36000:Medium 54000:Fast Maximum acceleration in yaw axis
ATC_ANG_YAW_P 4,5 3.000 6.000 Yaw axis angle controller P gain. Converts the error between the desired yaw angle and actual angle to a desired yaw rate
ATC_RATE_Y_MAX 360 deg/s 0 10800:Disabled 360:Slow 720:Medium 1080:Fast Maximum angular velocity in pitch axis

This one is for stick inputs from the pilot. Lower number will give slower response, and vice-versa

This one is the acceleration from current status to the desired rate. How hard it steps on the gas to get to the desired rate

This one is the rate to correct a discrepancy between actual and desired heading. Important for the autopilot to make heading corrections.

This one is the maximum frame rotation rate in deg/sec, for either the autopilot or pilot. If you hold the yaw full over, once it accelerates to the desired rate, the actual rate of rotation of the frame in deg/sec will be limited by this value.

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Thanks alot, Chris!
Is it correct, that the ATC_* are irrelevant in ACRO mode?

No, not really. In Acro vbar when you push ahead on the cyclic, for instance, the nose will go down and the helicopter will accelerate. Once it’s in cruise you can center the cyclic and it will hold that attitude it’s at and cruise by itself without having to hold the cyclic stick. It is the attitude controller that does that. So having the attitude controller set up right is important in all modes.

OK, I see. thanks alot.