How do I graph signal and noise levels of the mavlink

I have seen on this forum people posting graphs of things… in particular is the mavlink signal strength and noise. Could somebody explain how to do this? I am using APM Planner. I looked at the ‘graph’ tab and looked at all the pull down menu options but didn’t see what I expected. Nothing that seems to indicate signal strength or noise.

Also if anybody has some guidance as to what I should be looking for that would be fantastic. I’m working on a 5 meter antenna mast. I’d like to see how in compares with with a much shorter mast and SMA wire. If it’s not helping I don’t want to waste my time with it in the field. I would rather figure it out on the ground. My flying area is 100 miles from my house at my cottage. The more things I can iron out beforehand the better.

Hi govsux,

There is a way to graph the telemetry range information in mission planner, but I don’t know if this feature is supported in APM planner. … e_problems

[mf]3DR Hardware Support/Telemetry[/mf]

Are you looking at TLOGS or live data? If it’s a tlog, can you post a link to it, and I can help demonstrate how to look at the data you need.


Live but I can try posting the Tlogs when I get a chancy and or a screen grab. Thx!

[attachment=0]PastedGraphic-2.jpg[/attachment]Hi Bill
see pic of live data… I don’t see rssi or noise as a graph option? Basically what I’m trying to do is understand the best way to test GCS antenna options I’m working on. As you might recall I’m still working on that neat little wifely for a ‘cordless’ way to connect to the ground station it seems like that alone might lower the noise level as there’s no usb connection to add to any noise. I am what you might call in my infancy of understanding all of this so thanks for your help.

I did download some logs from the pixhawk. But I could not figure out how to play them. I select one… download it. try and then select it from the APM P app… says it doesn’t know what it is… I don’t get it.

You need the RADIO msg to plot RSSI and remote RSSI. You are using 3DR telemetry radios?

RFD900 both sides although sometimes I use the smaller 3dr usb radio for the ground side when just doing prefs , set up, etc.

AP2 needs to be sending a heartbeat message. This should be fixed in the latest daily build. The radio responds to the heartbeat message and injects the radio message on the comms line.