How do I fly a mission in GUIDED/FBW(A/B)/MANUAL modes?

Hi, I am able to have a CL84-like experimental plane takeoff with SITL/X-Plane using MissionPlanner in “AUTO” mode, so long as the VTOL_TAKEOFF command has an altitude of 0 associated with it. In fact, it does not takeoff after Arming and pressing AUTO; I also have to press the Restart Mission button. However, I really want to fly using a flightmode other than AUTO. So, in my params file, I changed Q_GUIDED_MODE to 1, and set the altitude associated with the VTOL_TAKEOFF command to 50m. I then select “Guided” mode from the Actions drop-down list, and press the Set Mode button. Nothing happens in SITL. If I select “Mission Start” from the “Do Action” list and press “Do Action” then, AP/SITL sees the VTOL_TAKEOFF command, and the mode automatically gets set to AUTO instead of GUIDED. Plus, as mentioned earlier, it does not really takeoff until press the “Restart Mission” button. So, my questions are: (a) how do I use GUIDED mode to execute a flight plan? (b) why do I have to “Restart Mission” before AP/SITL allows it to takeoff? Thanks a lot in advance.

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