How do I find bit enumerations for log items

I’m not trying to solve a specific problem. I’m trying to understand some aspects of how this system works.

I’m trying to find the bit mask decoder for items such as “XKF4: SS” and “XKF4: GPS” in a dataflash log.

I see the XKF4:SS field value is 65703 and XKF4:GPS is 512 in the XKF4 Dataflash log and I’d like to know what they mean.

I understand bit masks but I don’t know where to find the enumeration for these two examples and many others.

The online documentation has some of them, for example:

The “decoder” for TS is listed as:
“Filter timeout status bitmask (0:position measurement, 1:velocity measurement, 2:height measurement, 3:magnetometer measurement, 4:airspeed measurement, 5:drag measurement)”

(see Onboard Message Log Messages — Rover documentation)

Is there additional documentation I should be looking at? Is there an efficient way to search the source code for comments explaining these?

I’m using a pixhawk 4.2.8, mission planner 1.3.77, Rover 4.2.3

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

  • Jason