How do I downgrade from 3.2 to 3.1.5 again?

Hi Folks,

I decided to go back to 3.1.5 but I have no clue how?! When I go to Mission Planner and click on “load previous firmware” 3.1.4 is the only one I see. Even if I follow the download link to ALL the firmwares, I cannot find 3.1.5??? Why?



You need to load the beta version of Mission Planner to do that.


What the heck? How do yo know that? I just did it and it worked!!! I know that a lot of people are happy with 3.1.5 so I am not worried about going back from 3.2. Is using a beta version of MP a problem though?!

thanks a million!


p.s. where does PM safe the firmware file so I Can put it in a safe place, ha ha.

The missing 3.1.5 firmware was a bug in MP, which has been fixed, but so far is only available from the “Beta” MP. It should be released on Stable MP on the next MP release.

Ok, thanks.