How do i choose battery for my drone?

Hello guys!

I’m a new beginner in uav field. My project is to build a Drone for inpection in aviation. I would like to know how to choose a good battery for my drone. I’ve seen many videos in which people explain how to choose it but i’m not sure to understand it all.

So here is my configuration

type of vehicle: quadcopter (4 motors)

flight controler: pixhawk 2.4.8

motor + propeller: cibra 2206 2100kv + HQ 6030

telemetry: rfd 900 for long range

What do i need for my project?

time flight: 20mn minimum, not less

my questions are:

1- what battery feature do i need? (If you could detail how do you choose it, it would be great :smiley: )

2- Do i need to change my type of vehicle? Because, i’m not sure a quadcoter can handle that. So do i need to take 6 motors instead of 4?

thank you very much :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Check out Ecalc
It isn’t perfect, but it will help you to know if your battery is close to what you want.

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