How do I allocate custom name or number so i know which Vehicle I am talking to? (if I have multiple vehicle)

I tried changing system id of vehicle. It seems that the name still reflect as 1.

Anyway which I can change the number or name so I know which drone I am referring

Change the system ID and reboot the flight controller and restart mission planner

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use the SYSID_THISMAV parameter

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Has anyone found a way to rename “QUADROTOR” to write to another folder? I searched a lot on fw(arducopter github) and MP(github) and didn’t find anything related to this.

You cannot do it without changing the code. The log sorter moves the last logs to the appropriate directory-based, on the log content and MAV_TYPE.
On Disconnect log sorter called from MainV2:

MissionPlanner.Log.LogSort.SortLogs(Directory.GetFiles(Settings.Instance.LogDir, “*.tlog”));

You can modify the log sorter where it check for MAV_TYPE and change the folder name to something else instead of MAV_TYPE.ToString()

Thankyou @Eosbandi , now i better understand the path to create the folder. I’ll change, compile and bring the result.