How do I add a waypoint in QGC at the same position as T/O

I want to create a mission that TO to 2 m, loiters for X seconds, turns to X heading (Wait for Yaw), loiters X seconds, turns to another heading etc and lands.

The problem I have is when I add a waypoint to loiter i have to drag the paypoint over the TO position. I would like to know if I can have the loiter position be the same lat/long as TO.

In Mission planner I can do this but I so far have not found a way in QGC. Thanks for your help.

You can do this in QGC - but probably best to just use “Delay Until” instead. This also means that you don’t have to move a WP every time the aircraft is in a new location for takeoff. Takeoff, Delay Until, etc. That way you don’t need a lot long for the loiter since it will just Delay X amount of seconds before going to the next step.

Thank you for the quick response. I created a plan to take off rise to 9 ft, delay until 5 seconds, conditional yaw to 180, delay 5 seconds, conditional yaw 270, delay 5, conditional yaw 360 delay 5 seconds, conditional yaw 90 delay 5 seconds and RTL.

I needed to click on the map to create waypoints then I used advanced or conditional waypoint.

Will try tomorrow if the weather holds.

Hi there manavgandhi

I tried the “Delay Until” but I observed the hexa moving in 2D slightly. More so than using Mission Planner T/O and Loiter for x seconds.

Does Delay Until function like Loiter in MP with GPS position hold or does Delay function like Alt hold and drift with the wind?

I would like to know before I do another test. My test area is small and I need to keep the hexa away from obstacles.

Delay function will function like a Loiter in MP. It will hold its altitude/position/heading as it waits.

Maybe the slight movement was just some GPS drift/error?

Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate the help.

I will do another test, it could be GPS errors.

Is there a document that relates QGC waypoints to MP waypoints (like Delay and Loiter, Conditional Wait for Yaw to Conditon Yaw etc)?

Almost all the commands work exactly the same between the two. The only difference is the name (what they are called in each GCS) - as you have noticed. I, unfortunately, have not found a good resource that covers which names are different between the two GCS platforms.

manavgandhi I did a test starting with a mission on MP that I have run before. Its a simple T/O to 2 M, Condition Yaw to 120 degrees, Loiter time for 30 seconds, condition yaw to 90 degrees and RTL.

Ran the Mission with Mission planner. Hexacopter followed the mission no issues.
Loaded up QGC on the laptop, downloaded the mission from the Hexacopter. The Waypoint names were T/O, Wait for Yaw 120, Loiter Time 30, Wait for Yaw 90 and RTL.

Worked fine. any difference I would suspect is position errors.

Anyway I think I can map all the mission planner waypoint to QGC and make notes so I can understand what to expect with QGC.