How connect Arduino to 3DR modules and Droidplanner 2


I’m thinking about building a tiny telemetry platform based on Arduino Nano or simmilar to send GPS data to Droidplanner 2 on my tablet. The problem is that I can’t use Ardupilot or similar because it’s going to be used in rocket and there’s simply no space for that. (and also I don’t need it) So I wondered, is it even possible to connect arduino through 3dr modules to the tablet ?
All I want to send is GPS coordinates. Is there any protocol available ?
I’m programming in Bascom right now.


The 3DR modules are just serial radio modems so you just connect them to a serial port and send/receive the data. The protocol or format of the data is up to you, it can just be a serial stream with say a header/footer sequence, maybe a checksum or search the net for something more advanced.