how can we check current consumption of ESC on pixhawk V5+ board

I want to check the current consumption of my ESC’s in my quad ,is their any way to check it?

If the ESCs are telemetry capable it should work fine. If not, use an Aperemeter.

Is there any way we can check esc current consumption in dataflash logs in pixhawk? Or in real time in mission planner?

The flight controller should have come with a “power brick” to supply 5vdc to the FC and for all current to flow through from battery to ESCs and accessories.
You need to set that up - it should be straight forward. If you have trouble tell us exactly what you have and maybe someone can help.

For ESC current to be available the ESC has to have telemetry and a current shunt. Many ESC’s have telemetry and no current shunt so only RPM,voltage and temperature are available. It depends on the ESC’s you have.

If it has one of these you are good.