How can port a linux based flight controller?

Hello everyone,

I want to try Arducopter on Raspberry Pi 3B. I designed a PCB includes the IMU, barometer and IO co-processor.

I follow the instructions on and I compile the code with --board linux parameter.

I think that i have to create a new board before compile the code. There is a document for porting but it doesn’t include the linux based flight controllers.

How can create a new linux based flight controller board and define the pinouts and modules like IMU etc.?

I builded a PXFMINI look alike type a while ago,
Building an autopilot from scratch using a RaspBerryPi Zero : Mini Zee

with these components:
MPU9250 9 dof IMU on SPI
MS5611 Baro on SPI
PCA9685 16 channel PWM Servo Driver on I2C
RCIN - PPM on GPIO software driven

As for the IO processor, I guess you want to implement at PX4IO type?
This is a little more tricky, and it will require you dig deeper into this: