How can I use one servo for two servofunction on pixhawk

Hello Everyone am currently working a vtol tilt rotor drone Hexacopter H frame class Canard airplane. I have the two front motors connect to a single tilt servo which is part of the hexa motors to tilt for forward flight and also the canard wing is attached to the tilt rod … so is it possible to use the same tilt servo for elevator input when in fixed wing mode ?

I have my tilt servo in Servo11_Function while nothing is plugged to the servo2 which is my elevator… is there a way I can mix this function so I can use the same servo for tilt and elevator input?

Use y-cable. and give same signals to 2 servos

I do not think that is what he wants to do. He wants 2 functions to act on one servo, not one function on two servos.
I would try and use lua scripting for this.

Ok @count74 @tomiwa_olatunji sorry

Yes…I have no knowledge on lua scripting if it’s going to be possible I will research on how to use lua