How can I trigger GCS failsafe in SITL?

Hi everybody.

I want to test gcs failsafe in SITL, but I don’t know how can I trigger this.
In the doc, GCS failsafe is triggered

  1. The operator turns off or otherwise disconnects the GCS
  2. The copter travels beyond the range of the GCS telemetry radios
  3. The GCS telemetry radio on either end loses power
  4. Wires connecting the GCS telemetry radio to the autopilot or ground equipment become

but, I cannot turn off my mavproxy and simulator…
rc failsafe and ekf failsafe can trigger using simulator parameter.
Is there any other options to trigger GCS failsafe like rc failsafe or ekf failsafe?

thank you for your attention :slight_smile:

simply set heartbeat 0 to stop mavproxy to send its heartbeat will trigger the GCS failsafe !


wow, you gave me easy solution.

thank you :slight_smile:

For those who want to trigger the GCS failsafe through pymavlink, you can assign -1 into ‘FS_GCS_TIMEOUT’ parameter. It triggers the GCS failsafe too.

I have never succeeded in getting GCS failsafe to work in a real quadcopter connected via serial to a companion computer, so this might be worth bearing in mind.

Although the GCS failsafe registers, the RTL behaviour does not seem to trigger. If you manually land and try to take off again, this will not be possible until the failsafe is cleared. :-S