How can I tone down a twitchy quad?

I can’t leave well enough alone. When my quads start flying well I seem to think that it’s time to fiddle with things. I just have to find out how far I can push.

In this case I pushed a 4-in-1 ESC, intended for racing quads into my TBS Disco. I have to say that for the most part I’m really impressed. Not only are the ESCs more efficient than those I was using before, the 36mm form factor also saves about 80g. I get a whole minute or more of additional endurance. One of my concerns was that the tiny PCB would overheat but nope. It runs cooler than four discrete ESCs.

Auto tune did a pretty good job of adapting to the new ESCs, but predictably, the quad is still a little tweaky. With RC_FEEL already at minimum, what other parameters can I adjust to smooth out the stick response?

I’ve never used BLheli ESCs before, so I don’t have the little programming dongle yet. I assume that there will be some settings that I can play with there.

Any advice is much appreciated!

The new ESC is the Aikon 4x30A.