How can i make tricopter with pixhawk 2 cube please help me

I’m trying to make a tricopter project. Below are the products I have.
-Pixhawk 2 cube
-sunnysky 3515s-400 kv *2
-sunnysky x3108s 720 kv
-readytosky esc 40a 2-6s *2
-readytosky esc 30a 2-6s
-voltage converter for pixhawk (24v>5v)
-24v battery
-Flysky fs-i6 transmitter fs-i6b receiver
-cables for pixhawk and brushless motor
-mission planner 1.3.8479.20539. ArduCopter V4.3.6
-plane body
where should i start. how can i make it. I don’t have any idea.
I can’t configure mission planner with pixhawk.

Pretty open ended questions. Read the Wiki for the respective craft and then ask about what you don’t understand.
You posted in Arducopter, mention a tricopter and a plane body. Is it a multirotor tri-copter or a Vtol plane with 3 motors? This will decide what Wiki you start with.

Note: You don’t want to mix Motor kV’s

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