How can I increase Pitch & Roll rates? RC_FEEL_RP

I’d like to get pitch and roll set a little faster for flying in acro mode.

RC_FEEL_RP is already set at 100 which I think is the fastest this setting will take.

And I am sending full deflection from the transmitter.

I’m used to much faster pitch and roll rates on my old F450 multiwii copters and
Prefer to have it set considerably faster.

Please advise and thanks!

F450 clone frame
EMAX 2213-935KV motors
10 X 4.5 props
An APM 2.8 controller
And the latest that will run on it (3.2.1)

Acro_rp_p for pitch and roll. Acro_yaw_p for yaw. This assumes that old version of Arducopter has those parameters. Maybe with different names. Not in front of my antique 2.8 bencher or I could say.

These parameters are the same.

That’s it.
Thank you!

I think I ignored it earlier thinking the _p was something else.

This naturally raises the new question:
What exactly is rc_feel_rp?

And how does this now interract with acro_rp_p ?

I don’t know. Never adjusted that parameter and it doesn’t exist any longer.

Both are present on 3.2.1
Does anyone here watching know how they interract? or conflict?

Changelog from 3.6

h) RC_FEEL_RP replaced with ATC_INPUT_TC (functionality is same, scaling is different)

Man that’s a bit confusing.

Ok so then how does atc_input_tc interract with this then?

If that helps any.

0 Very Soft
25 Soft
50 Medium
75 Crisp
100 Very Crisp

Is almost equivalent to :
0.5 Very Soft
0.2 Soft
0.15 Meduim
0.1 Crisp
0.05 Very Crisp

The reason for the code change was the original RC_Feel parameter calculated the time constant using the formulae
input_tc = 1 / (2.0 + rc_feel_rp / 10.0)

As you can see rc_feel is an arbitrary variable with no meaning tangible meaning. Input time constant on the other hand has a clear engineering meaning that can be easily related to and explained. It is the time in seconds that the aircraft will take to reach 63.2% of the pilots commanded rotational acceleration.

Right I understand you here…
What I don’t understand is if or how the two settings interract or could conflict with each other.

Why adjust atc_input_tc if you can adjust acro_rp_p?

I am still confused as to which of the two should be adjusted
Or if both should be adjusted and how one affects the other.


bump any thoughts on this?