How can I flash APM with custom (previous) firmware?

I need flash APM with previous firmware version.
The current GUI APM: Planner v2.0.9 (or “Mission Plane”) does not allow flash from previous firmware.

How can I flash APM with another custom (previous) firmware?

In the Mission Planner, you can load previous FW for the APM.

Go to the Config tab, then the Install Firmware tab.
If you look under the icon for the Octo, there are several things you can click on. One is “previous Firmware”. A dropdown menu appears and you can choose from different options.

I did this yesterday.

In the current version of the “Mission Planner” (or “APM Planner” v2.0.9), in “Initial Setup” tab (“under the icon for the Octo”) and “Config / Tuning” tab, there is not the option to click “previous Firmware”. (see in the picture)

What version of “Mission Planner” (or “APM Planner”) are you using?

… I check other error in “Mission Planner” (or “APM Planner” v2.0.9): to the conclude firmware flash for “ArduPlane v3.0.2”, the progress bar “Downloading params…”, in the lower left corner of the window, freezes at 52% (“153/289” ), remaining so even if I flash to ArduCopter v3.1.4.

Hey, sorry about the delay.

I am using Mission Planner, and not APM Planner. Latest version as far as I know. 1.3.1

It is odd though. Right now I am on another computer and the only option is “force px4 bootloader”. Yesterday the “previous version” text was to the right of it.
Maybe I need to have an APM connected for it to give the option.
I will try and check it out tonight when I get home.

Both recent version of mission planner 1.3.5 and apm planner 2.09 have this option as depicted in pictures.

Hello Santiago,

As you can see, we would have the same version of APM:Planner v2.0.9, but for some reason that I am unaware there is a difference between your APM:Planner v2.0.9 and my APM:Planner v2.0.9
Your APM:Planner v2.0.9 has the “Beta”, “Custom” and “Stable” buttons while my APM:Planner v2.0.9 does not have these buttons.

I updated APM:Planner v2.0.9 to APM:Planner v2.0.10 and the problem remains.
I installed Mission Planner 1.3.5 and I do not see the “Load Custom Firmware” link that appears on your Mission Planner 1.3.5.

How to explain this?
Which site you downloaded “APM:Planner v2.0.9” and “Mission Planner 1.3.5”?

For Mission Planner you need to choose the Config/Tuning tab and check “advanced view” this will give you the option to load custom and older firmware, :smiley: