How can I download faster dataflash log?

How can I download faster dataflash log?

If your FC is easily accessible, you can remove microSD Card and copy the log files directly into your PC.

The hardware is inside the closed box. I can’t access the sd card.

USB. If connector is not accessible use a micro USB male-female ~25cm cable and leave it in place.

I asked How can I download faster? I can download with usb. I want to download faster? How can I improve

I don’t think you can download any faster. The only way is to take out the SD card if I’m not wrong.

“improved speed of log download with dataflash block backends” is mentioned improvement as arduplane v3.0 releases. How is it happen I couldnt find

In fact, the download is a bit lengthy for larger logs … You could check the following:

Set the speed of the USB connection to 921,600 baud.

Is MavFPT enabled and is that used (you can see when you enable the connection to the FC)?

Tried different SD cards? Super fast SD cards for camera etc. are not always useful because the card readers on the FC can’t handle them.

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FTP is not faster for logs.

H7 flight controllers download logs faster than others.

I tried before, it wouldn’t work. Serial 0 speed also need to change.

It does not tally with the document that it can download logs files at 921600bps.

@mevoluli you don’t mention what speed you are getting. On F7 and H7 boards you should be getting between 500 and 600 kbyte/s. On F4 based boards the speed will be slower (typically 300kbyte/s or so).
If this is not fast enough then take a look at the LOG_FILE_RATEMAX parameter, which allows you to dramatically reduce the size of your log files.

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May I know under which baudrate the users should set?
What is the minimum version for Arducopter firmware and MP users should use?

The default is 115200 bits/s, so

115200/8 = 14400bytes/s / 1024 = 14.0625 kbytes/s

The SERIAL0_BAUD parameter does not impact USB, it is a packet based connection not limited by a baudrate

Eh, but I tried before, MP choose 921600bps, and SERIAL0_BAUD remain 115200bps it would not connect through the USB cable.

I change SERIAL0_BAUd to 921600 it connects and but log files cannot download.

I try this, of course, hoping I can achieve faster speed log file transfer, especially for a big one. The result is visually I did not experience 500 - 600Kbytes/sec.

what flight controller board type are you using?

CubeOrange or CubeBlueH7

neither of those care what SERIAL0_BAUD is set to.

Hmm, I did not know that. I encounter without changing the serial0 baud rate I cannot get it connected to MP with 921600bps. I think somewhere in the documentation must update or MP contains a bug.

Serial Port 0 is always assigned to the USB port, but others can vary. Check its description page