How can i detect if " Motor emergency stop" switch was used from flight log

Hi, recently I have been facing problems in disarming of motors on landing, so for that, I have been using motor emergency stop function to stop the motor from spinning.

Out of 10 flight sequence of take-off and landing, 2 times motor won’t disarm automatically and for that, I used the kill switch to stop the motors so I want to check in which of the log the motor emergency stop switch was used?
Is there a way to check this from a log file?

Your motor stop switch will be mapped to an RC channel. Look at the RC input for that channel, and you should be able to tell if the motor stop was activated. For example, if you have the motor stop switch mapped to RC9, you should be able to graph RCIN.9 on your log file. You should see RCIN.9 go ‘high’ when you activate the motor stop.

I think its called “Motor Interlock” and should be shown as a message if you graph any log parameter. If youre using mission planner, just graph anything from your log and it should show up as a red indicator with the text ‘motor interlock’

There are actually two functions, emergency stop and motor interlock. They are similar at first glance, but the difference as I understand it is this: Motor interlock is required to be active in order to arm the motors, whereas the motor emergency stop will stop the motors when the switch is thrown.

Thanks, guys.
yes, I came to know that from the forum also.
My motor emergency stop was assigned to CH7 so I traced the RCIN value for channel 7. It was pretty simple.

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