How can I completely erase mission from the FC memory? [solved]

I usually don’t use missions in my plane, but once uploaded and successfully tested a mission.
Now, always when I download a dataflash log, it contains also old mission points.
Old mission is displayed in the map even it’s already unwanted so I want to complete erase mission memory.
I tried to overwrite it with an empty mission, but when trying to write an empty mission to the FC, Mission planner says “Invalid home point” and refuses writing it.
Is there a way how to make mission memory empty like in the new instalation without touching all calibrations and settings?
Thanks! Roman

You must have a valid home location, even in an empty mission. The easiest way to ensure that is to apply power outdoors with a good GPS fix, then write the empty mission. You could also try just adding a few random waypoints in the Plan screen and then right click and “Clear Mission” before attempting to write it if you don’t want to go outdoors just to clear the mission.

Alternatively, you can set MIS_OPTIONS=1 to automatically clear missions on reboot.

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Thanks a lot @Yuri_Rage it helped!
I set MIS_OPTIONS=1, rebooted, this cleaned a mission and then set it back MIS_OPTIONS=0 to preserve possible future mission. I think this is the simplest and fastest way.

That’ll do it! Glad it’s solved.