How can I add custom param and updown control?

Hi! there…
I’m trying to make temperature failsafe on Mission Planner.
It will warning when the drone’s temperature reaches critical temperature…
so it needs temperature param and updown control to set param value…

but I can’t find where do I add params and controls?

Please guide me how to make it?

How do You get temperature info? MP gets data from mavlink.

If You want to make new controls You should modify MP with Visual Studio.

  • You need to add a new parameter in the parameters.cpp file,
  • then you need to add code that compares the current temperature with the one defined in the parameter.
  • then you need to trigger a failsafe when the temperature is too hight.

All this is flight code, no need to modify Mission Planner, you only need to modify ArduPilot.

If that is beond your coding skils, than try using dronekit-python and mavlink messages, it is simpler, but not so good.