How best to hire Drone Developer?

I am starting a well funded company related to security and autonomous flight drones. I am not a developer and need to hire a CTO or Lead Developer, who can build a team, who is familiar with the right APIs and Flight Control systems and most flexible development language.

Where is the best place to place a posting for the position or reach out to contractors or consultants? I have used in past but not sure that is right for a specialty like Drone programming. Thanks for any help or guidance!

Directly advertising here isn’t a bad option.
A good alternative is to directly contact someone from the list here:

If neither of those options work for your venture, feel free to PM me with details and I can ask around.

Hi John,

Finding the right CTO is always an extremely difficult thing to do and I can not help you here. When you get to the larger team I would encourage you to engage the relevant expertise through the commercial support page. In general you will find that you will get a better outcome in a MUCH shorter time frame and at a lower total cost. Working closely with the developers like this is a great way to train and educate your employees and in doing so slowly reduce your dependence on developers directly.

This general approach provides a fast and cost effective path to the production of your product or service while giving you time to train and grow your workforce. It also establishes a strong relationship and line of communication with the developer community.

As your workforce maturers it is also very advantageous to embed an employee in the dev team or directly support a developer that is closely aligned with your product.

I hope this helps,

In case it’s helpful, here is a link to the commercial support page. It’s a bit hard to find this page but from the main side, click on the “Community” menu and it’s about the 7th entry down. I’ve been looking to move it to a more obvious place but haven’t figured out where yet.

Hi John
What part of the world are you located in?

South Florida. US.