How are you supposed to attach carbon blades to motors?

I just screw my carbon propellers into my motors but it seems like a bad idea. Every crash the props get pulled off and the M3 holes get stripped.

This is how mine looks
[](http://Carbon propeller attached to motor)

When I use the smaller plastic propellers I can attach them to a hub so when I get into a crash they just come loose and all is fine. Is there a type of hub for carbon propellers?

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I don’t know what these are called but you need these propeller caps that act like washers.


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Right, those should have been supplied with the motors. The T-type is the best assembly method for larger props.

The idea is to be particular about set up and configuration and not have a crash - something we all strive for. :wink:

I work on statistics and statistically I crash 100% of the time at the moment so I will plan for that :slight_smile:

Still I think not a good idea to build something where it can destroy the motor.

I contacted RCTimer and asked them if they have something I can get to install their props on so that this thread issue doesn’t keep on happening.

I do have hubs but they are for props with a bigger hole in the middle. I can’t drill out the hole in these carbon props.
RCTimer carbon props 16x5.5

They supplied these hubs but they are only for props with bigger holes in them middle like the plastic 10’’ and so on

RCTimer motors

You bought the wrong props then if they didn’t come with washers for T-style props. Get new props or look around for these that fit the motors you have:
T-style prop adapters

$16 for a 5010 motor? I suppose you are getting what you paid for.

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We had a QuadX8 with 13inch RC Timer props - the IMUs went haywire (or crazy if you prefer a more technical term :slight_smile: ) and it went into the ground at speed and about 45 degrees lean. Broke a few props, but all at the tips up to mid-length of the blades. None of them broke near the centre nor damaged the motors or mounts in any way.
I was going to say those washers saved the day - but I just went and looked where I’m setting up those motors and props on a new frame BUT they all just have the allen headed bolts holding the props right to the motors.
So I guess the old Turnigy Multistar 390kv motor are a bit tougher than yours - or I wonder if 16inch is too big for those motors.
You can see a spare set here for ESC testing

Actually the thing to do is sort out the crashing issues before attempting more flights. Those props wont break by themselves :slight_smile:
Do you want to open a new discussion with a description of all components and a .bin log file, let’s see what went wrong and step through the fixes.

Dave it was the lightest slowest motors I could find. I wasn’t going for price. I have to keep the whole drone below 2kg with my camera so that I don’t have to pay $1300 for a license if I go over 2kg.