How are video streamed in the C# files?

I’ve been trying to create a custom C# plugin which would process whatever the drone camera streams over.

Problem is I can’t seem to find out where the code is located at and how the frames are being processed in MP. I need to get the individual frames out as a stream and do something with them.

So far I’ve looked at FlightData.cs, Program.cs, Capture.cs (WebCamService), AviPlayer.cs, but I’m still confused. Help please? Thanks!

mission planner supports many types. but at a guess you are looking for the gstreamer integration. check gstreamer.cs for the video pipelines

Hi Michael, thanks for replying!

I’ve looked at gstreamer for the past few days but I still don’t understand what it does.

All I need is to be able to at least save the frames that are incoming from the camera at individual .jpg/.bmp/.png files

Mission planner uses and event

to change the displayed image.

This makes things clear! Thanks again!