How add easily sensors on Pixhawk?


I work currently on quadcopter project and rover project and I use Pixhawk and Dropix. I am not developer, I have small base in C++.

My question is:

Natively and easily, is Pixhawk offers the possibility of add an external sensor for execute an action?

By example, on my rover and eventually on my quadcopter, I want add a rain sensor based in an Arduino. When rain is detected, Arduino sends 5 volts to Pixhawk for it execute a command. So, when rain is detected, rover switches to hold mode and my quadcopter switches to return to launch or land.

The idea is to have inputs available on Pixhawk and when a voltage input it work like a Boolean and execute an action.

I don’t know if my explanation is understable.

Is it possible ?

Hi Dorian,

What you want to do isn’t supported. You can always modify the firmware to do it as it is open source, but if you are connecting an Arduino I would suggest you to use MAVLink and send commands through it. If you search Google you’ll find lots of info, including a topic here in the forum:


Thank you for your reply.
I do not have enough knowledge to do that.

If there is a developer of Francophone preference (it’s easier for me to communicate) that can help me. I work on several projects with Pixhawk. I can give a little remuneration.


For that it is better to post in the Wanted - Jobs category.

Thank you, this is what I will do.

is it impossible to use ADC Port…?

Not to do random actions.